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Ryan [Ded] posted Feb 15, 17

Hello SkyrimCraft,

     Unfortunately, due to the condition of the server and recent events, the time has come to close the server after four and a half years. To some, this post may come as a surprise, to others, it has been expected for a long time, but with a dwindling player base and a lack support, the time has come to say goodbye to the server.

     February 19th is the expected date when the server will be taken offline, the forums will remain online about a month (or longer) following for players to figure out where to go next. The current worlds will be available for download on the website in about a week following the closure of the server, the Skyrim world will be available for download at a later date, the availability of these downloads will depend on how large the compressed world files end up being.

     I would like to thank all those that have helped out immensely with the server over the last four years, current and former staff, builders, donors, and members. Without the support, this server wouldn't have survived for as long as it did and personally, I would have gone insane as well.

      I hope to get more information posted tomorrow. If you have any questions, just send me or John a PM on the site.


The SkyrimCraft Staff Team

DarkE_TV See ya all later. Had fun playing with you guys!
GodMarsh Wait wait Ryan how come you keep adding days :3? Is sc coming back?
LogicallyChewy So turns out i missed the last day of the server
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