Hello Everyone,

    The MobArena Event has ended and the winners declared. They have each received their own rewards as well the Contest Winner tag on the website to those who have an Enjin account registered.
    A big congratulations to the following.
         1st Place Winners: therock99 & Joriom
         2nd Place Winners: Zombiekiller6543 & xwolfhowlsx
         3rd Place Winners: Luis_2016 & hunter82602
    Also a big thanks to all who attended, hopefully you will attend the next event. We should have announcements on what that will be in the next few days as well as a more convenient time for more people.

        SkyrimCraft Staff Team

feild_mouse You need more events to happen more often
Zues_of_Thunder Congratulations!
portalboyLRG I love tour server its Is cool